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          Production base
          Industrial oxygen

          I. Product name: Industrial oxygen

          II. Molecular formula: O2

          III. Molecular weight: 32

          IV. Production capacity: 8×106Nm3/a

          V. Features:

          The liquid oxygen is light blue liquid with a boiling point of-183℃, it becomes a snow-like pale blue solid if is cooled to -218.8 ° C. Density is 1140㎏/ m3, density is 1141㎏/m3 at normal air pressure (101.325 kPa), freezing point is 50.5 K (-222.65 °C), boiling point is 90.188 K (-182.96 °C). 

          VI. Uses: 

          Strong oxidant in chemical and smelting, water production, welding and cutting metals, rocket engines, dyes, semiconductor manufacturing.

          VII. Packing and transportation:Special transport vehicles for cryogenic liquids. 

          VIII. Storage: 

          Store in a ventilated warehouse, away from fire and heat sources. The cylinders should be protected against falling. The temperature should not exceed 30 °C.

          IX. Quality standard: GB/T 3863-2008



          Test method

          O2content (Volume fraction)/10-2  ≥


          GB/T 3863-2008

          Water (H2O)

          with free water

          GB/T 3863-2008


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