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          Production base

          Enterprise spirit: High-level, Wide network, Pay attention to credit, Promote development
          Enterprise's image: Honest, Sincere, Diligent, Innovative
          Our duty: Meet clients' demand as possible as we can!
          Pursue quality products to let clients at ease!
          Pursue low cost, which can save customers' money as much as possible!
          This is our competitive power.
          The more important is we have effectively improved customers' competitive power.
          What's more, we provide complete and quality service.
          This is why we have won clients at home and abroad!
          We keep developing, growing------
          Enterprise' tenet: Insist on " Quality is life, credit decides development, service satisfy clients".
          For enterprise' tenet, we would like to create a bright future with international and domestic clients.
          Our philosophy
          We are engaged in making our products satisfy clients' requirements.
          We are engaged in company's sustainable development, environmental protection, trying to go international.
          We are engaged in building a self-inspired working environment, encouraging employees to realize their own values.
          We are engaged in repaying society by contributing products benefiting to environment and society.
          Your requirements are our pursuit. Any piece of suggestion and opinion of you will be the step for improving our work. You are welcome to give instructions to our work by letters or e-mail!

          Social value: serve investors, society and employees

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